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Alga Removal helps you relocating office from one place to another or from one floor to another with special care and proper planning. We provide hassle free solutions that take care of your precious time, money and stress. We take care office relocation, business relocation.

Relocation Services in Australia

We provide business, office and corporate relocation throughout Australia. Services include:

  • Assistance in proper planning
  • Scheduling the relocation
  • Packing the goods, furniture and other items
  • Managing the entire removal operation with the help of well trained professionals

What We Shift

Ours is a fully customized service to relocate your corporate goods that suit your specific requirement. We use state-of-the-art packing services to relocate computers, photo copy machine, fax, office furniture, hospital equipments, vehicles and industrial equipments, catering equipment transport. We provide seamless and secure relocation, which ensures minimum disruption to your employees and clients. Our specialized equipments are designed specifically for commercial packing, security, storage and relocation applications.

We will proud to help you-0430162776.

Moving Tips

  • Start packing!
  • Sort and discard or donate unwanted items. Consider garage sale or the Salvos.
  • Clearly mark all fragile boxes and consolidate to one area
  • Separate and label all items needed on moving day e.g. keys medicines toiletries.Continue...

We sell Boxes and more