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ProductIconDimensions (mm)New Price2nd Hand Price
Tea chest431 x 406 x 596$5.50$4.00
Crystal Carton403 x 301 x 330$3.50$2.50
Porta-robe594 x 476 x 1099$20.00$15.00
Flat Wine Carton with inserts for 12 bottles490 x 325 x 165$5.00$4.00
Picture/Mirror Box1040 x 75 x 775$7.00$5.00
*Plasma TV Box Small1000 x 300 x 750$110.00$70.00
*Plasma TV Box Medium1400 x 300 x 1100$125.00$80.00
*Plasma TV Box Large1750 x 300 x 1200$150.00$100.00
Archive Box390 x 306 x 260$5.00N/A
Plastic Mattress CoverQueen size$8.00N/A
Plastic Mattress CoverSingle size$7.00N/A
Plastic Dining Chair Coverset of 2$4.00N/A
Packing Tape1 roll$3.60N/A
5kg ream of butchers paper590 x 810$20.00N/A
15kg ream of butchers paper590 x 810$50.00N/A
Bubble wrap perforated10m x 500mm$30.00N/A

*Flat-screen TVs - plasma or LCD are not insured against damage in transit unless transported in their original packaging or in specifically designed boxes. Our Plasma boxes come with polystyrene inserts and are adjustable in size.

Moving Tips

  • Start packing!
  • Sort and discard or donate unwanted items. Consider garage sale or the Salvos.
  • Clearly mark all fragile boxes and consolidate to one area
  • Separate and label all items needed on moving day e.g. keys medicines toiletries.Continue...

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